We selected the name Steitzhof as a tribute to my father who introduced my sisters and I to raising a variety of livestock on the family farm. The suffix, hof, meaning ranch in German.  Now later in life I have selected my favorite farm animal, best suited for our new venture, sheep. The goal is to raise the finest specialty wool fleeces for the craft markets. We have chosen the South Australian Merino as our signature breed. Their fiber proudly show a large crimp, fine gradation, strong and long staple. The wool is well suited for the Pacific Northwest weather. We are doing this in project mode maximizing at the finest 25 we can manage over a spectrum of color lines. That process creates high quality breeding stock available. Our flock is free ranging on our pastures and fully jacketed to ensure the cleanest fleece possible. Our flock is completely free of added hormones or GMO feeds. Our flock is a member of Natural Colored Wool Growers Association (NCWGA). Registered member of Grown in Montana program. 


  •  2018 Black Sheep Gathering - Champion Natural Colored Wool fleece- Cash
  • 2018 BSG Class Ribbons 1st place: Med. Vari: Cash 1st place, Fine Var: Sirprise 2nd, Captain Jack 5th, Med Color Pure: 1st Lilli
  • Fine Wool Colored Pure: 3rd Brown Eye Girl, 6th Chocolate
  • We will have breeder ram lambs available in October for sale. 
  • We are excited to announce that we will have roving and yarn available for sale late August 2018. 
  • Very excited to have Steitzhof Merinos featured in the Daily Interlake in the Montana Life section.
  • NW Montana Fair went very well for our flock. Brown Eyed Girl was judged Best Of Show and Grand Champion Fine Wool sheep. Captain Jack took home Reserve Champion and numerous ribbons. It was our first time showing our sheep and it was a great experience sharing our flock for a week with so many.
  • Black Sheep Gathering,  2 Blue Ribbon, MC & Mo, and one Yellow, Nutmeg, from the 4 fleeces we entered in the competition. We were very honored to have 3 fleeces (Cash, MC& Mo) of the 15 selected to compete for Best of Show. 
  • We are very excited about our 3rd trip to Black Sheep Gathering. It is the 2nd year for us to enter the fleece show. We are very excited to announce that Cash, Mo and JJ all earned 1st place Blue Ribbons in their respective classes. Stormy, and MC had 3rds and Luna a 4th. We were extremely excited to finish 3rd in the Black Sheep Cup for our 5 best fleeces.  
  • We are excited to announce the addition of Captain Jack , ram lamb and Brown Eyed Girl. yearly ewe to our flock from the Mendenhall Wool Ranch. Both ribboned at BSG. Captain Jack has won at Maryland and San Diego this year. Not bad for a January lamb.
  • We are very excited to announce that Steitzhof is featured in the June/ July 2016 publication of Montana Senior News. We want to thank Gail Jokerst for writing such a colorful article. Check out this article by Gail at


Merino Wool Fleeces & Breeding Stock in Whitefish, Montana